Spell Weaving quest , ANd Focus


Yeni Üye
11 Nis 2019
to compleate quest to acive spellweaving quest is very hard. Need to kill 5 oversers wich dont exist in Exodus dungeon .
There 1 overser in gargol camp who respawn every 1h and 30 min.

To gain Focus we need 5 spellweaver , can the number of weaver be reduced?
Admins will be checked the spawns I think.

This was discussed before, it will not be changed. But there is a way to do it with lesser number of weavers, Spellweaving Mastery. You can get lvl6 focus with two weavers, one with spellweaving master level III and one with level II. Or one spellweaver III and two no mastery.